Community Engagement Prize

Prize & Submission Information

The Community Engagement Prize:

$1,000 USD

OPTIONAL. Teams will not be penalized if they do not submit an entry.

Each registered team will be asked to submit their entry by 15 June, 2022.

The submission will NOT be part of their Case Study submission that will determine the Competition Finalists.

The highest scoring team will win the $1,000 Prize.

The winning team will have the option to present at the finals.

Submit entries: [email protected]

The USD $1000 Community Engagement Prize

Entry due 15 June, 2022  

Important note: Participation is absolutely optional by each team. Scores ARE NOT INCLUDED in the scoring for

the Case Study competition. This is a separate prize added, in light of extended the deadline and to provide another way for students to showcase their interest in being part of the environmental industry and community)

Each team has the opportunity to interview the “stakeholder leader” of the initiative it selects to write about—the topic is “engaging community.”    For background: Read the article written about the panel “Is Asia Doing Enough to Clean Up Its Waterways”, and watch the panel itself.


Write up to 750 words (in total) to answer two questions:

1.    Describe what steps the organization has taken to engage its community. 

Teams may want to include the following:


  • Define its community and why the organization focused on them
  • What behaviors and attitudes did they think they needed to change
  • What works. What does not work when engaging the community.
  • Did they expect the successes they have had. What about predicting the problems they have experienced?
  • What assistance from local government and other local groups were (or are) really helpful

2.    What does your student team think about the article written (i.e. steps to engage community through actions) in light of what this stakeholder leader has told them about their efforts to engage its community? Is the article’s Step 1 and Step 2, the best path forward? What else should be done?


Each write-up will be included in a PDF report created by CAPP, and will include the names of each team member, picture (optional) and 25 word bio.  The Top 10 highest scoring teams will be recognized, and one winner selected to receive the USD $1,000 prize. The winning team will also have the option to present their write-up findings during the finals, which will give them appropriate individual exposure. The link to it will also be included in the PDF Report and the recorded presentation will be available on the website, along with all other finalist “live” presentations.


Teams have the option to spend more “word capital” on either question.  There are no expectations. Teams, for example, can equally answer each question (375 words each) or overweight one answer (say 500 or 600 words, at the expense of the other answer (250 or 150 words, respectively). 

Importantly, unlike the Plastic Atlas Asia Insights prize, judging to be based on the overall 750 word submission, not on scoring each question separately and adding them up.

Please use the template provided at the document library or clicking on the above buttons.


Please send completed PDF submission to [email protected] and include your team name in the email.


Phone #:+852-3442-6301

or [email protected] (preferred)


Ocean Recovery Alliance

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