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The views, information or opinions expressed during the Make the Case – East Asia Student Competition are solely those of the individual students involved and do not represent those of the initiatives featured in their presentations, or the co-organizing partners of the competition, nor our collaborating partner, the Hong Kong office of the Heinrich Bol Stiftung, its Plastic Atlas Asia edition, nor our sponsor, the Pictet Group Foundation. 

The students selected these initiatives on their own, and may or may not have conversations with the management of the initiatives related to their presentations. Student teams selected the location to replicate the initiative and all of the information in the presentation reflects the student team’s ideas and opinions, and not the initiative’s management.

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The student teams were tasked for their final presentation to select another location to “make the case” why the initiative they selected should be replicated and what would have to happen if it were replicated, i.e. what resources were needed to produce the greatest results in the shortest time possible. All student teams were asked to first explain their initiative and then switch to where it would be replicated. They were given 14 minutes for their presentation with follow up Q&A by the judges.

Theme 1 Finalists (in order presented on October 5, 2022):

  • Team E-Co (Initiative: Green Antz’s EcoHubs, Philippines; Replicate in Pearl River, Hong Kong)
  • Help Help Hooray (Initiative: Zero Waste Apo Island, Philippines; Replicate in Tingloy Island, Philippines)
  • Team Microseekers (Initiative: City of Fernando, Philippines; Replicate in Mexico City, Philippines)
  • Polymarine (Initiative: Plastic Fisher’s Triple L, Bandung Indonesia; Replicate in Pasig River, Philippines)
  • Plastic Sister Flowers (Initiative: Waterway Watch Society, Singapore; Replicate in Johor Bahru, Malaysia )

Theme 2 Finalists (in order presented on October 6, 2022

  • Team Rosas (Initiative: Plastic Flamingo, Manila, Philippines; Replicate in Jakarta, Indonesia)
  • Dreamers and Doers (Initiative: Aling Tindera Network, Philippines; Replicate in Thailand)
  • Team HKUST (Initiative: Plastic Flamingo, Manila, Philippines; Replicate in Singapore)
  • Animocean (Initiative: TrashCash PH, Cabangan, Philippines; Replicate in Nui Thanh, Vietnam)
  • The Scavengers (Initiative: Jing Ling Recycling Bus, Hangzhou, China; Replicate in Shenzhen, China )

Our Judges

Clemens Kunze &
Joanna Wong

Judges: Theme 1 and 2

Joanna and Clemens work for our Collaborating Partner, Heinrich Böll Stiftung.

Each of them was gracious to serve as a judge for one of the Theme final presentations.

Clemens is the Deputy Director of the Heinrich Boell Stiftung’s Hong Kong office where he also coordinates the programme on global

governance. He has been one of the driving forces behind the Plastic Atlas Asia Edition, now also available in Japanese and Korean language.  

Japanese Edition:

Korean Edition:

Ada Yip

Judge: Theme 2

Ms Ada Yip is the Chief Executive Officer of Urban Spring, a purpose-driven startup with a mission to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic bottles through building a network of well-designed and well-maintained water refill stations. She is also a director of WYNG 43 Social Investment which invests in financial and human capital in early stage mission-driven companies . Prior to these ventures, she was the Program Director of the i2i (incubation to investment) program at SOW Asia. She sits on the board of Social Value International and the Hong Kong Institute of Social Impact Analysts. Prior to these ventures, she worked at a number of international financial institutions in Toronto, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

Bertha Shum

Judge: Theme 1

Bertha was previously Development Analyst at Parkview Group. Prior to that, she was investment analyst at JP Morgan Private Bank. She has experience of hosting workshops and educational talks with corporates, schools and NGOs. She is also a writer and content creator of the blog Earthero Project.

With passion for the Environment, Bertha started Earthero Project started as a bilingual blog sharing honest opinions on eco-products, thoughts on environmental issues and small steps to tackle these issues. After four years of sharing and building an eco-community, Earthero Project Creative Solutions (“EPCS”) was established. EPCS curates tailored and creative strategies specific to corporate needs, introducing micro changes for macro results that ultimately align with the global sustainability movement.

Wear Earthero (“WE”) is a sub-brand of Earthero Project. The clothing brand is a brainchild of Bertha, the founder, to address the lack of sustainable and ethical clothing brands in Asia that create comfortable and functional dailywear. The bigger mission of WE is to tackle the serious issue of huge wastage of offcuts and surplus fabric within the fashion industry. WE sources deadstock fabric across Asia and produces its products locally at a studio in Sham Shui Po. As a conscious brand, WE produces in small batches to not only ensure the quality comply with its standard of excellence, but also maintain minimal carbon footprint and uniqueness of each piece. Apart from designing and producing limited apparels through upcycling inventory fabric, WE has also initiated the Artisan Collective to use Art as a medium to communicate the Brand’s key missions, while providing a platform to support young local artists.

Coleen Salamat

Case Study Reviewer and Judge: Theme 1 and 2

Coleen is an environmental advocate with a background on oceans and waste management issues. Currently, she’s a Plastic Solutions Campaigner for EcoWaste Coalition. She was previously campaigner of Oceana Philippines and is also a member of Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines and consultant of Asian Research Institute for Environmental


Dr. Divya Senghal

Case Study Reviewer and Judge: Theme 2

Dr. Divya Singhal is currently working as a Professor and Chairperson of the Centre For Social Sensitivity and Action at the Goa Institute of Management, Goa, India. She teaches subjects related to Social Responsibility,

Research and Music & management. Her research interest is in the area of development, responsibility and education. She was selected as #ThinklistImpact by CBOS Bath University, UK for her contribution towards responsible management.

Twitter and Instagram:



Edith Terry

Case Study Reviewer and Judge: Theme 2

Edith Terry is a writer, editor, and analyst of East Asian affairs based in Hong Kong. Her career has spanned policy research, strategic consulting, international journalism, and writing on political economy, the arts, and culture, and she has taught and lectured on East Asian business and

international relations in universities, think tanks, business organizations, and individual businesses. In 1980, she was among the first American business persons to be based in Beijing, and through her writings and projects she has worked in depth not only on China but also with Japan and Southeast Asia for over 40 years. She is fluent in Putonghua (Mandarin) and Japanese and proficient in Cantonese. She is the author of an intellectual history of the East Asian

economic model, How Asia Got Rich: Japan, China and the Asian Miracle (2003) as well as one of the earliest guides to doing business with China, The Executive Guide to China (1984). She has been based in Hong Kong since 2000.    

Dr. James K. Wong

Case Study Reviewer and Judge: Theme 1 and 2

Dr. James K. WONG is Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor of Social Science Education, and Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Science (Undergraduate Education) at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). His teaching and research revolve around the politics of science, environment and sustainability.

He earned his PhD in Government from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Nik Metaxa-Schwarten

Case Study Reviewer and Judge: Theme 1 and 2

Nik worked 30 years in Executive Consulting for Cx-Level. He graduated in 2012 as CSR Manager (FA) with a focus on ISO 26000 and moved 2017 to the Philippines into Sabbatical dedicated to SDG.

As a Greek/German he understands different cultures but Earth as “One Home”. Nik’s core cause is the Ocean Plastic Pollution in the Philippines/SEA. 

Sophia Dayrit

Case Study Reviewer and Judge: Theme 1

Sophia is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Environmental Science of the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines. She is also the current faculty moderator of the Ateneo Environmental Science Society. She is an Environmental Scientist who is interested in environmental pollutants and their effect in the environment and health.

Thomas Tang

Case Study Reviewer and Judge: Theme 1 and 2

Coming Soon

Vanessa Toré

Case Study Reviewer and Judge: Theme 1

Vanessa Toré is from Curaçao, an island country in

the Southern Caribbean. She is the Director of Foreign Economic Cooperation at the Ministry of Economic Development of Curaçao. Next to her core activities in the fields of International Trade, Investment promotion and international

cooperation she is also active in the field of Sustainable Development:

–   Chair Integrated Water Resources Management Committee in Curaçao

–   member Steering Committee of Global Water Partnership – Caribbean.

–   member Blue Ribbon Committee development and implementation of the ocean policy.

–   SDG committee for Prosperity

–    Steering Committee of the Local2030 Island Network, a network of islands dealing with the localization of the SDGs

–     member of the Collaborative Action on Plastic Pollution.


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