Voices of the Student Generation

about Plastic Waste

The Voices of the Student Generation in East Asia

We asked each student team, worth 12.5% of their overall score to answer three questions about the Plastic Atlas Asia Edition report.  The first question posed was, in 500 words or less, what graphic (and facts) surprised your team the most about the plastic situation and why?

We felt their answers are a must read. Thus, we compiled their answers, arranged them by the graphic selected by one or more teams, into this PDF.

In sum:

1) The student answers were well-written, well thought out, and had a ton of facts (many of which were from the Plastic Atlas Asia edition, of course).  


2) Their answers were meaningful, and when read together, could have more impact on getting people and funders to support solutions to reduce plastic waste than many of the world’s lengthy, graphics-filled reports written about climate change, and the plastic pollution problems.    

3)  These answers should be shared…and read by government leaders in East Asia and the world. 


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