The “Make The Case – East Asia” Competition is brought to you by the following working team members, and their organizations!

Our Working Team

Rob Steir

Commitments Accelerator for Plastic Pollution

(CAPP) Co-Founder

Based in Florida, United States, Rob is a co-founder of CAPP. He is also a consultant for Ocean Recovery Alliance where he was the main author of a January 2020 United Nations-funded report Crafting High-Impact Voluntary Commitments to Prevent and Reduce Marine Litter.” Rob is also the co-founder of Frontline Waste, a waste-to-energy company, focused on developing countries and islands, featuring a 20-100 tons/day slow-pyrolysis solution.

Doug Woodring

Ocean Recovery Alliance Founder

CAPP Co-Founder

Based in Hong Kong, Doug is the Founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance, a non-profit organisation focused on bringing innovation solutions, technology, collaborations and policy together to impact positive improvements for the health of the ocean. He was the winner of the prestigious 2018 Prince Albert Prize for Innovative Philanthropy for his work with the ocean.

Doug is also a co-founder of CAPP!

Justin Robertson

City University of Hong Kong Associate Professor, Department of Asian and International Studies

Justin is active in the community as the convenor of the CityU Sustainability Lecture Series, the CityU Sustainability Debate Series and the Asian Sustainability Case Study Challenge. He also leads the university’s Green Roofs Over Walls (GROW) project, an urban farm with a social mission. A teaching award winner, his pedagogical approach is centered on encouraging students to conduct primary research, directing a lively classroom featuring interactive software and problem-solving exercises and connecting students with experts in the field and having students share their findings with practitioners. He is a scholar of the global political economy with two areas of particular current interest: sustainable finance and investment migration.


For the 2022 Competition, we would like to thank the following individuals who were either reviewers and/or judges (to the right).

We’d also like to thank Michelle Saram, Eco Drive Hong Kong, Ada Yip,  Dr. Thomas Tang, Merci Ferrer, Ilu Farias  and Tony Lee for their participation in our inaugural Make the Case – East Asia Awards Ceremony

and our student interns from City U of Hong Kong, Eunika Wong and Jyana Cascante.

Case Study Reviewers and/or Judges:

Vaibhav Arora

Anne Copeland

Sophie Dayrit

Kim Erle

Richard Fu

Veronica Gamboa

Bernhard Groth

Paul Harris

Thomas Johnson

Jayant Kamat

Michael Klubock

Andrew Koopman

Graeme Lang

Nik Metaxa-Schwarten

Charlotte Nielsen

Matt Reid

Coleen Salamat

Tony Sampaio

Judith Selby

Richard Selby

Sreerupa Sengupta

Bertha Shum

Divya Singhal

Gary Stokes

Dr. Thomas Tang

Judlyn Telesford-Checkley

Edith Terry

Vanessa Tore

Sian Williams

James Ka Lei Wong

Ada Yip

Brought to you by the following organizations:

Commitments Accelerator for Plastic Pollution

CAPP is a new non-profit organization, birthed in 2019 and operated through Ocean Recovery Alliance, one of the premier NGOs fighting to reduce and end plastic pollution from entering the ocean. CAPP’s mission is to take proven, successful projects and programs that prevent or reduce plastic pollution, identified through our “Make the Case” competitions, and then provide the infrastructure to empower the world’s stakeholders to adapt, replicate and scale these proven solutions in many other places. 

City University of Hong Kong

Located in the heart of Hong Kong, the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has a well-earned reputation as an innovative hub for research and professional education and for addressing global issues and empowering positive change. CityU is ranked #53 on the QS World University Rankings 2022, #4 in the 2021 “Top 50 under 50” and

#89 in the Graduate Employability Rankings 2022.

The mission of Ocean Recovery Alliance is to reduce plastic pollution on land and water by creating strategic solutions for governments, industry and communities which lead to long-term, hands-on engaging business practices. Our mission is achieved through purposefully designed programs to educate, build awareness and provide solutions which inspire positive societal change at the community, national and international levels. Its founder, Doug Woodring, recently was awarded the coveted Prince’s Prize for Innovative Philanthropy from Prince Albert of Monaco for his work in this space

The Heinrich Böll Foundation, the Break Free From Plastic movement and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies published the Asia English edition of the Plastic Atlas on April 22, 2021. It highlights the large and rapidly growing role of Asian economies as plastic producers, consumers, contributors to the plastic refuse deluge, and dumping ground for the world’s plastic waste. The publication also focuses on particular challenges facing the region, along with potential solutions.

The Pictet Group Foundation is a grant making foundation established by the Managing Partners of Pictet to pursue our long-term tradition of social engagement and environmental commitment. Our vision is a more resilient and sustainable future for all.  Our mission is philanthropy for effective social and environmental impact that will improve the lives of the most vulnerable and the well-being of future generations.

The Pictet Group is an investment-led service company, offering wealth management, asset management and related services. We do not engage in investment banking, nor do we extend commercial loans.

Headquartered in Geneva. 30 offices around the world, including registered banks in Hong Kong and Singapore


Phone #:+852-3442-6301

or [email protected] (preferred)


Ocean Recovery Alliance

20th Floor, Central Tower,

28 Queen’s Road Central,

Hong Kong



Pictet Group Foundation

Collaborating Partner:

The Heinrich Böll Foundation