Plastic Atlas Asia Insights Prize

Prize & Submission Information

“The Plastic Atlas Asia Insights” Prize:

$1,000 USD

Due 30 June, 2022

Each registered team will be asked to submit their responses to questions about the Plastic Atlas Asia 2021 Edition.

The submission will be worth up to 12.5% of the final scoring for determining the Competition Finalists.

For teams that submit this entry by 30 May, the highest scoring team will win the $1,000 Prize.

*Note: Scoring will be based on comprehensive, thoughtful answers to each question.

Answer These Questions – Due 30 June, 2022*

To complete Step 3, please download and complete the “Plastic Atlas Asia Insights” Q&A Word Doc (sending back your answers as a PDF) via the Step 3 link.

Here are the 3 questions to complete.

  • In the Plastic Atlas Asia edition, what graphic (and facts) surprised your team the most about the plastics situation in East Asia and why? (up to 500 words)          

  • Related to the graphic your team selected, what would be the best way to engage young people to learn more, and get involved to make a difference? (up to 300 words)    


  • What would your team like to see in the next version of the Plastics Atlas Asia edition that was not included? Be specific. (up to 200 words)     

*Please Note: To be considered for the Plastic Atlas Asia Insights Prize award, a team must submit Step 3’s PDF (Plastic Atlas Asia Insights) answers by 30 May. Submissions after 30 May will be ineligible for this Prize.

Take a Deeper Dive

(from Plastic Atlas Asia)

Some Graphics from the Plastic Atlas Asia 2021 Edition That Tell The Story About Asia’s Plastic Pollution Crisis


Phone #:+852-3442-6301

or [email protected] (preferred)


Ocean Recovery Alliance

20th Floor, Central Tower,

28 Queen’s Road Central,

Hong Kong



Pictet Group Foundation

Collaborating Partner:

The Heinrich Böll Foundation