The Steps To Complete –

Team Application


Each Case Study entry eligible to win the following:

First Place Overall Award

+ $2,500 USD

For This Theme’s Entries:

1st Place: $4,000 USD

2nd Place: $1,500 USD

3rd Place: $500 USD

All Entries eligible for the Plastic Atlas Asia Award: $1,000 USD if submit by 30 May

All Entries eligible for the Community Engagement Prize Award: $1,000 USD

Great to have you enrolled in our “Make the Case Competition!”

Here are the links to the 4 steps. They need to be done sequentially, or the application will not synch to your team’s registered account and your final Case Study (Step 4) application will not be accepted.

Must Have Completed Step 1.

Registered team leaders in the F6S system will be able to view the following submission pages:

Step 2 (by 30 June, 2022):


Step 3 (by 30 June, 2022). (submit by 30 May to be eligible for Plastic Atlas Asia Insights Prize award):


Step 4 (by 30 June, 2022):

For each Step, it may say “Connect to Make the Case…” or “Connect to Rob Steir” at the top. Please click and answer the questions and/or submit the requested PDF.


If you are having problems, please reach out to [email protected] and view the “register” page for more details about each step.


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